NTILG Meeting – Thursday, July 18

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Special Guest Speaker Adam Saenz.
This is our annual bring a friend for free meeting.
Learn more about Adam Saenz at http://adamsaenz.com/.

Workshop 1: Stress Management 101: What I Learned from That Time I Totally Burned Out

Most of us are aware of the potential negative effects of stress, including physical and mental illness and eventual burnout. In worst-case scenarios, stress erodes not only our individual wellbeing, but also our ability to create healthy, effective relationships with our colleagues and customers. The good news is that stress doesn’t have to be the enemy. In fact, if our goal is to live a stress-free life, we are cheating ourselves out of a potentially valuable fuel source. Stress, when understood and managed effectively, can result not only in increased personal wellbeing, but also in authentic community among our colleagues and relational connection with our customers. I learned the hard way, but you can learn from my mistakes. We’ll discuss the source of stress in your vocation and explore various coping strategies based on the fight, flight, or freeze response. Leave with practical strategies to increase your adaptive coping and tools for building community with your colleagues and customers. You’ll also be equipped with a template to create a high-capacity culture in your organization.

Workshop 2: The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: How To Win at Business Without Losing Your Soul

Most of us already know that a key factor in establishing long-lasting connections within an organization and with customers is relationships. “Soft skills” is the phrase we often use to describe the skills set necessary for effective interpersonal connection. The question is: how? How do I build productive relationships with my colleagues and my customers? There is a framework—the practice of four essential skills that will posture and position any professional to a place of relational readiness. 1) Reflecting (on why I am here); 2) Directing (the fuel of my emotion); 3) Connecting (building relational bridges across differences) and 4) Protecting (my mind, my heart, and my body from toxic, hurtful people). The application of these skills will increase your emotional intelligence, making you more interpersonally effective and professionally sustainable.

Brief Biography – Dr. Adam Saenz

Dr. Adam Saenz earned his Ph.D. in psychology from Texas A&M, completing his clinical training at Harvard Medical School. As a licensed psychologist, he specializes in the field of emotional intelligence, working globally with businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations to increase productivity and sustainability through the application of emotional intelligence. Dr. Saenz is a lecturer in the Department of Educational Leadership at Texas A&M University, and he maintains a clinical practice in College Station, Texas.

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